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If you want to apply for a loan, you need a good credit rating. In addition to a sufficient income, this also includes flawless credit information. If there are negative entries here, the credit contract is rejected in most cases.

Incidentally, this also applies if the credit entry has already been paid for. This then remains registered in the credit for three years. However, there are also ways to get a loan despite having completed the credit entry.

Check data in credit check 

Check data in credit check 

The question of whether a loan is approved despite the credit entry being completed is primarily a question of what type of credit entry was. If it was just a loan that was properly repaid or a completed mobile phone amount, it should not be a problem in this country to get a loan from a bank despite having completed the credit entry. The situation is different if, for example, an entry was due to an unpaid invoice or a canceled loan. These often lead to a loan request being rejected even after it has been settled.

The data will only be deleted three years after credit has completed it. Incidentally, this is often forgotten, so it is worth checking your credit regularly. In particular, before applying for a loan, you should carefully check whether there is still an unauthorized entry. If this is the case, consumers can request that the entry be deleted after proof of completion. This is then carried out directly by the credit.

Apply for credit directly online

Apply for credit directly online

If the loan is rejected because of the credit entry, there is still the option to apply for a loan without credit. This is offered by various credit intermediaries on the Internet and implemented through a bank based in the country. The advantage of this is that banks do not query credit. In addition, the loan granted is not entered in the credit, which means that even if the credit entry has been completed, a loan is easily possible. The only thing that counts for the credit check is a regular income of a sufficient amount.

For this it is important that the borrower is in a permanent employment relationship which must have existed for at least 12 months and should not be limited in time. In addition, the income must be high enough so that the bank can seize the wages in the event of a possible default. If all the requirements are met, the loan can be applied for directly online despite the credit entry being completed.

In most cases, applicants will receive a concrete loan offer within 24 hours and, if they accept it, the credit contract will be sent to them by post a few days later. It then only has to be signed and sent with the necessary documents to the respective bank. The loan is usually paid out by post or, if desired, by transfer to the current account.

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